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'There's nowhere you can go to feel safe': 2 wildfires in California's Orange County force 85K evacuations; 2 firefighters

California braced for a new round of fires as Santa Ana winds roar. Firefighters turned out in force to battle a blaze in the Silverado Canyon area. View more

California wildfire leaves two firefighters critically injured, forces 90000 to evacuate

The firefighters, 26 and 31, were injured while battling the Silverado Fire, which had charred at least 7,200 acres in and around the community of Irvine, southeast of Los Angeles, Orange County Fire Authority Chief Brian Fennessy said. View more

90000 people told to evacuate because of wildfires in Southern California

Southern California Edison said a power line may have played a role in the ignition of the Silverado Fire -- which has burned 7,200 acres near Irvine -- a report filed with California Public Utilities Commission shows. View more

60000 in Southern California to evacuate after blaze grows

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A fast-moving wildfire has forced evacuations for 60,000 people in Southern California as powerful winds across the state prompted power to be cut to hundreds of thousands to prevent utility equipment from sparking new blazes. View more

Silverado Fire: Firefighters Hospitalized, Over 7200 Acres Burn

Silverado Fire: Firefighters Hospitalized, Over 7200 Acres Burn - Lake Forest, CA - Erratic Santa Ana winds fueled a brush fire that forced over 90000 Irvine and Lake Forest residents to flee their Orange County homes. View more

Wind-whipped Southern California wildfires prompt mass evacuations, injure two firefighters

Wind-driven walls of flame prompted mass evacuations in Southern California and badly injured two firefighters on Monday, as hundreds of thousands of residents endured a second day of power shutoffs meant to counter heightened fire risks from gusty, dry ... View more

Silverado Fire may have been sparked by Southern California utility equipment

A growing Orange County wildfire that forced thousands of Irvine area residents to flee their homes and severely burned two firefighters was possibly started by a Southern California Edison Company electric conductor, according to a notice the utility sent to ... View more

100000 in Southern California forced to evacuate after blaze grows

A fast-moving wildfire forced evacuation orders for 70000 people and seriously injured two firefighters in Southern California on Monday as powerful winds across the state prompted power to be cut to hundreds of thousands to prevent utility equipment from ... View more

Orange County Fires: 2 Firefighters Critically Injured In Fast-Moving Blazes

Strong wind gusts are battering the region, spreading wildfires across Southern California. Officials said the wounded firefighters suffered second- and third-degree burns in the Silverado Fire. View more

Silverado Fire Grows Explosively: 90000 Face Evacuation; California Shuts Power To Prevent More Flames

The Silverado wildfire has burned at least 7200 acres, as strong, erratic winds continue to fuel the inferno. View more

Dr. Stamen Grigorov: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dr. Stamen Grigorov is the Bulgarian doctor and scientist who discovered Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacillus. Grigorov is celebrated as the October 27 Google Doodle. View more

Google Doodle celebrates the yogurt doctor who helped cure tuberculosis

Dr. Stamen Grigorov's studies of yogurt went on to help create the first tuberculosis vaccine. There's a yogurt museum in his hometown to honor his legacy. View more

Stamen Grigorov: Who was the microbiologist and what did he discover?

Yoghurt bacteria was named Lactobacillus bulgaricus in honour of physician's home country. View more

Stamen Grigorov what great discoveries he made

Tuesday, October 27, marks the 142nd anniversary of the birth of the Bulgarian physician and microbiologist Dr. Stamen Grigorov, the first scientist to discover the bacteria necessary for the fermentation of yogurt. Traditionally Google, which always vividly ... View more

Dr. Stamen Grigorov's 142nd birthday Google celebrates with a Doodle dedicated to Grigorov

Google always comes up with new and distinct Doodles to celebrate different occasions. This time,… View more

Google Doodle celebrates Dr. Stamen Grigorov, the biologist who discovered yogurt bacteria

Google is celebrating Dr. Stamen Grigorov, the microbiologist who discovered the bacteria used to create yogurt, with a doodle for his 142nd birthday. View more

Stamen Grigorov: Google doodle on yogurt doctor & first tuberculosis vaccine developer

Happy Birthday Stamen Grigorov!!! Google today dedicates a mesmerizing artistic doodle to Stamen Grigorov on his 142nd birthday. He discovered the Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacillus, which is the true cause for the existence of natural yogurt. He is also ... View more

Who was Dr. Stamen Grigorov? Google Doodle celebrates 142nd birthday of Bulgarian physician and microbiologist

TODAY'S Google Doodle is celebrating the 142nd birthday of Bulgarian physician and microbiologist Dr. Stamen Grigorov. But who was Dr. Stamen Grigorov and why is he being honoured with a Google Doodle? Grigorov was the first scientist to discover the ... View more

Stamen Grigorov: Google Doodle celebrates the 142nd birthday of a Bulgarian physician who discovers Lactobacillus

Google celebrates the 142nd birthday of a famous Bulgarian physician and microbiologist Dr. Stamen Grigorov (Д-р Стамен Григоров), who found the Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacillus, which is the genuine reason for the presence of natural yogurt, with ... View more

Bulgarian Dr. Stamen Grigorov's 142nd Birthday

The present Doodle praises the 142nd birthday of Bulgarian physician and microbiologist Dr. Stamen Grigorov, the primary researcher to find the bacterium fundamental to the maturation of yogurt. Grigorov additionally added to the advancement of the world's ... View more

'We Really Didn't Expect This' NASA Ames Researchers Contribute To Discovery Of Water Molecules On The Moon

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KPIX 5) – NASA wraps up a busy October with another significant announcement regarding the discovery of molecular water on the sunlit surface of the moon. Previously, scientists believed portions of the moon's surface that are exposed to ... View more

Moon may contain ice deposits

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — The moon's shadowed, frigid nooks and crannies may hold frozen water in more places and in larger quantities than previously suspected. And for the first time, View more

Moon may hold more water than previously known, studies say

Temperatures are so low in the area's near the moon's poles — minus 261 degrees Fahrenheit — they could hold water for millions or even billions of years. View more

Water molecules detected on moon's sunlit surface, adding impetus to Artemis

If you would like to see more articles like this please support our coverage of the space program by becoming a Spaceflight Now Member. If everyone who enjoys our website helps fund it, we can expand and improve our coverage further. View more

Water On The Moon: NASA Confirms Water Molecules On Our Neighbor's Sunny Surface

NASA has confirmed the presence of water on the moon's sunlit surface, a breakthrough that suggests the chemical compound that is vital to life on. View more

Moon Holds More Water in More Places Than Ever Thought

The moon's shadowed, frigid nooks and crannies may hold frozen water in more places and in larger quantities than previously suspected. View more

NASA finds water on the Moon, raising hopes for exploration and habitation

Scientists have long suspected that large amounts of frozen water lurk on the Moon in deep, polar craters that never see the Sun — but they've now detected water molecules in a pockmarked, sunlit region near its south pole. View more

Scientists find water on sunlit surface of Moon

Scientists have confirmed, for the first time, the presence of water on the sunlit surface of the Moon, a discovery which indicates that water molecules may be distributed across the lunar surface. View more

The moon has more ice than scientists thought, new studies say

Large areas near the moon's poles are able to trap ice, which could be useful in lunar missions. View more

If we are going forward to the Moon, don't go back to Apollo

NASA Administrator James Bridenstine recently surprised the space community by suggesting that the first crewed Artemis surface mission to the Moon, slated for 2024, might not land at the south pole as previously discussed but instead could revisit one of ... View more

California braces for more fire danger from winds

California is bracing for another round of fire danger from gusts even as crews battle two southern blazes that have left more than 100000 under evacuation orders. View more

100000 in Southern California to evacuate after blaze grows

A fast-moving wildfire forced evacuation orders for 60000 people in Southern California on Monday as powerful winds across the state prompted power to be cut to hundreds of thousands to prevent utility equipment from sparking new blazes. View more

100000 in Southern California to evacuate as blaze grows

By CHRISTOPHER WEBER and OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ Updated: October 26, 2020 09:00 PM Created: October 26, 2020 07:46 AM. LOS ANGELES (AP) - Fast-moving wildfires forced evacuation orders for more than 100,000 people and seriously injured two ... View more

California wildfires 10-26-20-AP (2).jpeg

In this view from Newport Boulevard in North Tustin, the morning sun rises through the smoke of fire in the canyons east of North Tustin on Monday, Oct. 26, 2020. View more

New study links air pollution to 15 percent of COVID-19 deaths

Researchers say deaths linked to COVID-19 and air pollution represent 'potentially avoidable, excess mortality'. View more

LIVE: Air pollution may hinder India's fight against Covid, shows study

The Union health ministry on Monday said that India's fatality rate due to Covid-19 dropped to 1.50%, which is the lowest since March 22. A total of 14 states and union territories which include Jharkhand, Bihar, Kerala, Odisha, Assam have case fatality ratio ... View more

The Latest: Study says 15% of COVID-19 deaths may be linked to air pollution

DUBLIN — Fifteen percent of all COVID-19-related deaths worldwide “could be attributed to long-term exposure to air pollution,” according to a German-led team of researchers. Published in the journal Cardiovascular Research, the estimate is based on ... View more

This is the unseen factor pushing the COVID-19 death count even higher

15% of global COVID-19 deaths could be linked to air pollution exposure. View more

Coronavirus India lockdown day 215 updates Air pollution may hinder India's fight against COVID-19, say scientists

The Health Ministry in its release on Monday said India has recorded less than 500 deaths (480) in the last 24 hours. View more

Air pollution 'worsened UK's coronavirus death toll'

Research suggests 6100 Covid-19 deaths could have been avoided from start of pandemic to first week of June. View more

Coronavirus news live updates: With 36470 new Covid-19 cases, India reports sharp decline in daily spike

India's Covid-19 tally nears 80 lakh with 36470 new cases and 488 new fatalities. India's daily cases went below 37000 after more than three months. India's active cases remain below 7 lakh. Active cases now comprise only 8.26% of the total positive cases in ... View more

Air pollution may hinder India's fight against COVID-19, say scientists

The air quality in north India is expected to deteriorate further from November to February due to several factors such as stubble burning, festive fireworks and low wind speed conditions which lead to an uptick in vehicular and industrial pollution being trapped ... View more

Coronavirus: Long-term exposure to air pollution linked to 15% global Covid deaths, shows new study

In East Asia, about 27% of the deaths could be attributed to pollution, while it was 19% in Europe and 17% in North America. View more

Air pollution in India may impede battle against COVID-19: Harvard study

A study by researchers at Harvard University in the US in September showed that an increase of only one microgram per cubic metre in PM 2.5 is associated with an 8 per cent increase in the COVID-19 death rate. View more

Bomb at seminary in Pakistan kills 7 students, wounds 112

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — A powerful bomb blast ripped through an Islamic seminary on the outskirts of the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday morning, killing at least seven students and wounding 112 others, police and a hospital ... View more

Peshawar blast: At least seven dead in Pakistan school attack

Dozens more were injured in the attack during a class in the city of Peshawar, police say. View more

Blast at Pakistani Religious School Kills Seven, Wounds More Than 80

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - A bomb blast at a religious seminary in the Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday killed at least seven people and wounded more than 80, police and hospital officials said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for ... View more

Pakistan: deadly bombing at Peshawar religious school

Children among the dead and dozens injured after explosives believed hidden in plastic bag detonate at madrassa. View more

Breaking News, Latest Updates of Oct 27: 7 killed, 70 injured in blast at seminary in Pakistan's Peshawar

Follow all the breaking news and latest developments from India and around the world in our special blog here. View more

At least 4 killed in blast at Pakistan religious school

PESHAWAR: At least four students were killed and dozens more wounded Tuesday when a bomb exploded during a class at their religious school in northwestern Pakistan, officials said. More than 60 people had been taking a lesson when the explosion tore ... View more

Pakistan explosion: Bomb blast at Islamic seminary in Peshawar kills seven students and injures 70

At least seven children have been killed and 70 others have been hurt in a powerful bomb blast that ripped through an Islamic seminary in Pakistan, officials have said. The bombing happened while a cleric was delivering a lecture about the teachings of Islam ... View more

At least 7 dead, dozens injured after blast in Pakistani city of Peshawar

Seven people have died and at least 70 more have been injured in a blast at a religious seminary on Tuesday in the northern Pakistani city of Peshawar, according to local authorities. View more

At least 7 killed in blast at Pakistan religious school

All of the dead were men aged between 20 and 40. Meanwhile, teachers and boys as young as 7 were among the wounded. View more

At least seven killed, 70 injured in Peshawar madrassa blast

About 50 students were present in the madrassa at the time of the explosion. View more

SAP casts a cloud over software

A crush of workers sent home earlier this year turned out to be good for a lot of tech companies. Keeping them home might not be. That was the message Monday from SAP. The German enterprise-software giant lowered its revenue and profit targets for the ... View more

SAP cut its profit outlook, triggering a Wall Street 'bloodbath' that dragged down Salesforce and Workday, too — raising

SAP CEO Christian Klein said "significant investment delays" are expected to hurt the tech giant's revenue, which sparked a stock selloff on Monday. View more

SAP SE ON (SAP) Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript

SAP earnings call for the period ending September 30, 2020. View more

SAP's Earnings -- Like Intel and IBM's -- Point to Major On-Premise IT Headwinds

While a lot of cloud-related enterprise tech spending still looks healthy, on-premise hardware and software spend is getting stung by both secular trends and macro pressures....AMZN. View more

SAP Focuses on the Cloud Amid Disappointing Quarterly Results

SAP turned in disappointing quarterly results, prompting the company to switch gears and focus on accelerating customers' cloud adoption. View more

SAP's Grim Warning Is Weighing on Enterprise Software Stocks, Including IBM

The company issued a sobering update to its financial forecast for the rest of the year, along with weaker-than-expected third-quarter results. View more

SAP Suffers Coronavirus-Induced Stock Plunge

A top partner says the German software giant's long-term plan of shifting its ERP base to a recurring revenue model is a winner, but the transition isn't easy. By Joseph Tsidulko October 26, 2020, 05:52 PM EDT. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to LinkedIn ... View more

SAP Shares Fall 23% on Q3 Results, Guidance

COVID-19 has created an inflection point for our customers," the company said as it announced a "strategic pivot" to cloud computing. View more

SAP charts new course to accelerate cloud shift, co-innovation, one data model

SAP plans to move its customers to cloud-based models at the expense of licensing. The result is short-term pain through 2022. View more

SAP ramps up cloud play as pandemic bites

The vendor touted its SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) as the foundation for all SAP applications, integration, customer and partner ecosystem extensions. View more

Supreme Court won't extend Wisconsin ballot deadline

The Supreme Court has declined to reinstate a court-ordered extension of the deadline for the receipt of absentee ballots in Wisconsin, siding with Republicans in a pitched battle over election procedures amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The justices ... View more

The radical implications of the Supreme Court's new ruling on Wisconsin mail-in ballots

The Supreme Court's new decision on Wisconsin mail-in ballots threatens a century of voting rights law. View more

US Supreme Court Refuses To Extend Wisconsin Absentee Ballot Deadline

WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that Wisconsin cannot count mailed-in ballots received after Election Day, siding with Republicans. The justices in a 5-3 order refused to reinstate a lower court order that called for mail-in ... View more

Supreme Court rejects Democratic attempt to extend Wisconsin mail-in voting deadline

A divided Supreme Court said Monday that mail-in ballots in Wisconsin could be counted only if they are received by Election Day. View more

Supreme Court sides with GOP to prevent Wisconsin from counting mailed ballots received after Election Day

In a 5-3 order, the justices refused to reinstate a lower court order that called for mailed ballots to be counted if they are received up to six days after the Nov. 3 election. View more

Supreme Court Rejects Pandemic-Spurred Voting Changes in Wisconsin

The move by the high court means mail-in ballots must be received by Election Day in a leading battleground state. View more

Supreme Court rules Wisconsin mail-in ballots must be received by Nov. 3

The Supreme Court upheld Wisconsin's voting laws, rejecting an effort to require the counting of absentee ballots arriving after Election Day. View more

Supreme Court won't revive 6-day ballot deadline extension in Wisconsin, siding with GOP

Wisconsin is a key battleground state in the battle between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. View more

US Supreme Court will not allow extension in Wisconsin mail-in ballot deadline

Siding with Wisconsin's Republican-led legislature, the conservative-majority U.S. Supreme Court refused on Monday to allow an extension ordered by a federal judge in the deadline for returning mail-in ballots in the state, dealing a setback to Democrats. View more

Supreme Court rejects Democrats' bid to reinstate mail-in ballot extension in Wisconsin

The Supreme Court on Monday voted 5-3 along ideological lines, with a conservative majority, to deny a bid by Democrats to reinstate a six-day extension for the receipt of mail-in ballots in Wisconsin, a key battleground state in the presidential. View more

Cricket-Gavaskar intrigued by extent of Rohit injury before Australia tour

The extent of Rohit Sharma's hamstring injury has intrigued batting great Sunil Gavaskar after the opener was seen practising on Monday, hours after his omission from India's tour of Australia on fitness grounds. View more

Indian cricket fan deserves to know more about Rohit Sharma's fitness, says Sunil Gavaskar

Cricket News: Former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar has called for more transparency on the status of Rohit Sharma's hamstring injury after he was seen practising at. View more

'Indian cricket fan deserves to know': Gavaskar on Rohit's absense from Team India squads for Australia

IPL 2020: What made the entire situation perplexing was Mumbai Indians posting two tweets, which showed Rohit Sharma batting in the nets. In the video posted a little while after the teams were announced, Rohit can be seen going full tilt in the nets while ... View more

India vs Australia Squad: It All Looks Like Some Destiny, Says Varun Chakravarthy on 'Surreal' India Call-up

India vs Australia Squad: Varun Chakravarthy, who has just a handful of T20 games under his belt (12 - all of which is in IPL) stated that he was not expecting the call-up and thanked the selectors for showing faith in him. View more

Indian cricket fan deserves to know more about Rohit Sharma's fitness: Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar has called for more transparency on the status of limited-overs' vice-captain Rohit Sharma's hamstring injury. View more

India vs Australia: Hits, misses, likely stars and more, analysing Virat Kohli-led squads for the tour Down Under

India's long-awaited tour of Australia will get underway from 27 November and will feature three ODIs, three T20Is, and four Tests. View more

'This is just bad politics': Fans blast BCCI for not including Rohit Sharma in India's squads for Australia tour

Mumbai Indians (MI) skipper Rohit Sharma returned to the nets ahead of their clash against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) on Monday after missing out on two back-to-back IPL 2020 matches due to a hamstring injury. View more

BCCI announces squad for Team India's Australia tour, Rohit Sharma not named, Varun Chakravarthy in

In Rohit's absence, the in-form KL Rahul will be Virat Kohli's deputy in the white ball teams and is also back in the Test squad after a considerable period of time. View more

Mumbai Indians Post Video Of Rohit Sharma Batting At The Nets After Australia Tour Exclusion, Twitter In Meltdown

Rohit Sharma was left out of all the squads for the Australia tour, ostensibly because of fitness issues, but Mumbai Indians were quick to post images and a video of their skipper in action at the IPL nets. View more

Fans slam BCCI for not naming Rohit Sharma in India squads for Australia tour: Bad politics in Indian cricket

Rohit Sharmang hit the nets for the Mumbai Indians on Monday, just hours after the BCCI announced that the limited-overs vice-captain's name was missing from the squads announcement for the Australia tour due to his hamstring injury. View more

Fortnite Witch Shack locations: Where to visit different Witch Shacks for the Fortnitemares event

Fortnite Witch Shacks have sprung up around the island, providing some suitably spooky scenery to complement the Halloween period. As you approach them you'll hear the eerie sound of crones cackling and spirits moaning, though thankfully you don't ... View more

Where to Find Witch Shacks in Fortnite (Fortnitemares Event)

Find the seven witches' shacks in Fortnite to get a witch's broom and ride it 100 meters to complete a Fortnitemares challenge.. View more

Say goodbye to San Francisco's iconic Coca-Cola sign

The towering Coca-Cola billboard is shown at the downtown connector of Interstate 80 and Highway 101 to the Bay Bridge in this Sept. 20, 2013, file photo. San Francisco has issued a work permit for removal of the landmark, which has greeted drivers since ... View more

'Please don't tear it down': San Francisco losing its 83-year-old Coca-Cola billboard

San Francisco residents are mourning the loss of the glowing Coca-Cola billboard that has stood since 1937 in the South of Market neighborhood. The company says it is shifting its advertising dollars to digital platforms. View more

San Francisco's iconic Coca-Cola billboard is coming down after 83 years

Say goodbye to one of the iconic billboards part of San Francisco's skyline for more than 83 years. For decades, the Coca-Cola sign greeted drivers on Highway 80 to and from the Bay Bridge in the city's South of Market. Coca-Cola says the board will be ... View more

San Francisco's iconic Coca-Cola sign to be removed after 83 years

An iconic Coca-Cola billboard that has been part of the San Francisco skyline for more than eight decades is coming down. View more

Why?? Iconic Coca-Cola Billboard Being Removed From SF After 83 Years

Details are few at the moment, but for reasons not entirely clear, the Coca-Cola Company has decided to pull down the iconic neon sign that has stood beside I-80 in SoMa since 1937. The news went up on Reddit on Sunday that preparations are being made ... View more

San Francisco's 83-year-old Coca-Cola billboard is coming down

Another piece of San Francisco's history will soon disappear: The glowing neon Coca-Cola sign that has stood sentinel for Bay Bridge commuters for nearly a century is coming down. Removal of the double-faced red and white billboard, a staple of the South ... View more

Iconic Coca-Cola Billboard In San Francisco South of Market Coming Down Permanently After 83 Years

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — An landmark Coca-Cola sign in San Francisco's South of Market District that has been shining on Bay Bridge travelers for more than 80 years will soon be dismantled. (Carol M. Highsmith/Library of Congress). The city's ... View more

Coca-Cola Billboard in San Francisco Being Removed: Report

A landmark billboard in San Francisco is reportedly coming down. The Coca-Cola sign at Fifth and Bryant streets — a can't-miss feature from nearby Interstate 80 — will soon be dismantled, SF Gate reported. A reason for removing the double-sided billboard ... View more

SoMa's 83-Year-Old Coca-Cola Sign Is Gone for Good

“With winter approaching and the ongoing shelter-in-place orders limiting indoor dining, we have made the thoughtful decision to temporarily pause service until spring 2021,” its owners, the Bacchus Management Group, said. View more

Iconic SF 'Coke' sign coming down

The giant red Coca-Cola sign holding court high atop a building in the city's South of Market neighborhood is scheduled to be taken down this week. View more

The Rock Tastes His Blood After Busting Head Open In Gym Accident

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. More videos on YouTube. Switch camera. Share. Include playlist. An error occurred while retrieving sharing ... View more

Dwayne Johnson Obtains Injury During Workout, Shows Bloody Face In Instagram Video

Dwayne Johnson suffered an injury right above his eye while working out. He showed the injury to his fans on Instagram while the blood streaked down his face. View more

Dwayne 'Rock' Johnson Tastes His Blood in Insane Gym Video: Teremana, Calluses and BlaMoan Hot Sauce

Sharing the selfie video in which one can see Dwyane Johnson's bleeding face, he is also seen wiping off the blood by his finger and licking it. View more

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson suffers face injury during workout: 'Things get extremely intense'

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hurt his face while working out with heavy chains, drawing blood. View more

Dwayne Johnson Injures Himself at the Gym and Tastes His Own Blood: 'That's Good'

The actor revealed he'll need stitches after he "got lumped up" throwing chains for a drop set. View more

WATCH: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Tastes His Own Blood in Insane Workout Video

One of the greatest showmen to enter the WWE ring was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. His mic skills are unparalleled to this day and his charisma cannot be duplicated. Although, it seems that The Rock is much more than just a showman. In a recent post on ... View more

The Rock Gets Busted Open While Working Out (Video)

The Rock prides himself on being the hardest worker in the room and that includes the gym. View more

Dwayne Johnson Documents "Extremely Intense" Workout and Injury

"I can confirm my blood tastes like Teremana, calluses and BlaMoan (black and Samoan) hot sauce," the actor joked on Instagram. Dwayne Johnson goes hardcore with his workouts — so much so that when he draws blood, he says he stitches up only after ... View more

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson suffers face injury during workout

In the clip, a stream of blood is seen dropping down the 'Rampage' star's face next to one of his eyes. View more

Dwayne Johnson Celebrates Ryan Reynolds' Birthday With New Red Notice Photo

Reynolds, who celebrated his birthday on October 23, received a Bond-like message from Dwayne Johnson for the big day. View more

Skinwalker Ranch: possibly the spookiest place on Earth

With Halloween just around the corner, the spookiest place in the country might be right here in Utah. Recently, two scientific studies suggest that place is Skinwalker Ranch in rural northeastern Utah. For as long as humans have lived in the Uintah Basin, ... View more

Mystery Of Utah's Skinwalker Ranch Very Much Alive

Regulars maintain someone can spend weeks at Skinwalker Ranch and nothing bad, odd or unusual will happen. And then in an instant, everything changes. View more

Utah Skinwalker Ranch mystery Still one of the spookiest places on the planet Something else is in charge: NIDS

Since a long time now, the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah has been known for a… View more

Liverpool may resort to radical Champions League team selection, and nobody should be surprised

Jürgen Klopp could look to utilise his full squad for this evening's Champions League tie against Midtjylland. View more

Liverpool's Injury Woes Continue, 3 Stars To Miss Tuesday Night Champions League Game

Liverpool FC are already without Virgil van Dijk, who is more or less out of the season after sustaining an ACL injury. View more

What channel is Liverpool vs Midtjylland? Kick-off time, TV and live stream details

How to watch Liverpool vs Midtjylland in the Champions League. The reigning Premier League champions beat Ajax 1-0 in their opening Group D match last week. View more

How to watch Liverpool v FC Midtjylland on TV, live stream, kick off time and channel info

All information Liverpool fans need to watch the latest Champions League fixture to be broadcast live on TV. View more

Pre-Midtjylland stats: Reds out to score 10000th goal in club history

Liverpool could achieve the landmark of 10000 goals in club history when they host FC Midtjylland in the Champions League tonight. View more

Liverpool vs Midtjylland Preview: Should Jota feature in Klopp's starting XI? Forward deserves more opportunities

For a team that's lost some key players to injury, the offense will not be much of a concern for Klopp with Jota coming in. View more

Liverpool v Midtjylland: How 'Moneyball FC' made it to the big time

FC Midtjylland and Brentford have been the poster boys for data-driven football and now the Danish side hope their approach can upset the odds against Liverpool. View more

Liverpool team news: Expected 4-3-3 for FC Midtjylland clash - Klopp to make three changes

Liverpool could take three changes from the side who beat Ajax in their last Champions League clash for the visit of FC Midtjylland on Tuesday night. The Reds go into the match aiming to take another step towards the knockout stages of the competition. View more

Injury Update: Liverpool Likely Without Thiago, Naby Keita, And Joel Matip

Jurgen Klopp says Joel Matip, Thiago Alcantara, and Naby Keita are all close, but not quite ready to feature in their midweek Champions League match. View more

Injured Liverpool trio to miss Champions League clash

Liverpool's Joel Matip, Naby Keita and Thiago Alcantara won't be fit in time for this week's Champions League clash with Midtjylland. View more

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